With a wide variety of colors to chose from, the sandals you chose will be one of a kind! Don’t you want to be the only person with your shoes? At no extra cost, you can choose the sandal style, color, and sole. We will have your custom sandals made and shipped within 3 days, so you will be looking fresh and feeling good in no time! Time to consider your foot health for once, reach out to us so we can make you, your own pair of orthopedic sandals!

The Orthopedic Sandals available in these colors are;

Women’s: Aspen, Banff, Tammy, Maye, Jasper.
Men’s: Banff, Jasper.
Solo Color’s Available: Yellow, Black, Grey, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Beige, Red.
Colors available: Black . Dark brown , Red , Dark blue, Light blue, Camouflage dark, Tan/Taupe.

Contact [email protected] for a handcrafted pair of sandals with arch support!

custom sandals sole